drops with a soft towel . Otherwise, it is easy

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To this end, experts also give hygiene tips on the use of contact lenses. For example, before taking contact lenses, wash your hands with soap and dry them with hairless towels; minimize contact with water and remove contact lenses before taking a shower, swimming or hot bath; do not rinse contact lenses with tap water; do not wet contact lenses in your mouth; do not use saline and lubricating drops to disinfect lenses, neither of which is an effective or approved disinfectant.

7. In the second stage, the isolation environment is very dirty, and there are obvious signs of the residence of the last quarantined person. The hotel only provides dozens of disinfection tablets and towels for quarantine personnel to disinfect themselves. And there are no yellow special garbage bags specially for isolating garbage.

drops with a soft towel . Otherwise, it is easy

The wiring and workmanship of bags are relatively fine. The capacity is not very large, and it is enough to keep mobile phones, keys, paper towels, glasses cases and so on. Self-esteem is also moderate, there is no feeling of pressing on the shoulder.

Patients after surgery because of local wounds will have a local feeling of distension, a sense of convenience, may want to continue to go to the toilet, but go to the toilet may not be able to discharge stools, and the more times they go, the more they want to go, from this vicious circle. Therefore, the number of defecation should not exceed three times a day after operation. And each defecation can not be more than five minutes, the defecation process should not be too hard, otherwise it may cause local anal fissure leading to pain or bleeding. Before the local incision of the anus is completely healed, toilet paper can not be used to wipe the anus after defecation, instead of washing the anus with shower in the squatting action. Rinse thoroughly and dip in dry drops with a soft towel. Otherwise, it is easy to cause local infection.

If you wash your hair and rub it violently with a towel, it is easy to damage the hair scales, and if you directly use a comb to wet the hair, it will also cause damage to the hair scales that have just been opened, and the hair will not only become fragile and rough, but also easy to fall out.

drops with a soft towel . Otherwise, it is easy

At that time, the temperature in London was relatively low and it rained. When we got to the apartment, we were cold and cold, so we quickly took a bath. As a result, we found an electric towel rack in the bathroom. Not only could we wrap it in a warm towel after taking a bath, but also the socks, underwear and T-shirts that had been wet at that time were also dried by an electric towel rack. At that time, I felt that I was so happy to have such a thing at home.