a backpack with a lunch bag encourages independence in

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At the end of the food window, there is an insulation bucket for free corn porridge. Students, parents and friends can have free porridge here. The reporter and his colleagues also played a bowl, which tasted pretty good. In order to confirm what the parents said, “10 yuan is good to eat”, the two of us spent a total of 22 yuan on lunch.

a backpack with a lunch bag encourages independence in

First and foremost, the size of the school bag is crucial when it comes to accommodating all the necessary items for a day at school. From textbooks and notebooks to art supplies and lunch boxes, girls often have a multitude of items they need to carry to school. A big size school bag provides ample space to fit everything comfortably, avoiding the need to cram items together or carry extra bags. This not only eliminates the risk of damaging school materials but also reduces the strain on the shoulders and back as the weight is distributed evenly.

In addition to its practicality, a backpack with a lunch bag encourages independence in young girls. By allowing them to carry their essential items and food, they gain a sense of ownership and responsibility. This independence strengthens their decision-making abilities and fosters self-confidence. As they become more skilled at managing their belongings, they will develop a sense of empowerment and be ready to tackle new challenges in school and beyond.

a backpack with a lunch bag encourages independence in

Many schools in our city have done their best to provide students with rich meals. The school board and alumni association of Jinjiang Qiaosheng Middle School contributed money to provide free nutritious soup for lunch and dinner for senior high school teachers and students, and bought more than 1000 sets of warm lunch boxes and soup cups, so that everyone could eat clean and warm meals. Jinjiang Zijiang Middle School provides students with nutritious meals twice a week, including pig heart soup, black chicken soup and other stew cans. Midnight snacks are authentic Minnan cuisine such as batter and beef soup.

Gong Han women can eat more warm and cold food, such as walnut, jujube, peanut, mutton, eel, longan and so on. Drinking a cup of ginger tea after lunch or dinner every day can actively dissolve the cold in the body, especially after entering autumn and winter.

a backpack with a lunch bag encourages independence in

Jian Xianqi, director of the office of Xiamen No. 6 Middle School, said that lunch and dinner in No. 6 Middle School are divided into separate meals. according to the arrangement of ordering and diverting meals in the class, they are packed in an incubator and uniformly delivered to the outside of the dining room, and then distributed in an orderly manner by students in each class, and the lunch boxes are finally collected and dealt with by the canteen staff. Personal protective equipment such as hand sanitizer and paper towels are placed outside each classroom. Class projection reminds students to wash their hands before meals, forbid talking during meals, be seated one meter apart, take off masks until the moment of eating, and put on masks immediately after meals.

The Belarusian diet is much simpler than the Chinese diet. The Chinese students here basically cook by themselves, but they need to have a meal in the school canteen when the curriculum is tight. A simple lunch. Canteens do not have as many varieties as domestic university canteens, mainly salads, meat and bread and cereals. It tastes good and the price is reasonable. The market here can be said to have everything except that there are fewer varieties of green vegetables than in China. Generally speaking, the prices of green vegetables and meat are slightly higher than those in China, but the prices of potatoes, carrots, cabbages and spring onions are about the same as those in China, and sometimes even cheaper than in China. All the seasonings needed for Chinese food can be bought here, although the price is more expensive than in China, but it is acceptable (20 yuan per bottle of soy sauce. Lao Gan Ma 20 yuan per bottle, dry yellow sauce 8 yuan per bag).

Volunteers take sticks from the cafeteria aunt and use trolleys and incubators to keep lunch flowing from the canteen to the dormitory. The volunteers wearing protective clothing first ensured the dining needs of the students in the Southern District, and some volunteers did not even eat the first hot dish of the day until 14:00.