honey water after breakfast, lunch and dinner every

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Just did not expect at first, just rely on a number of female members of Siyu to give back to the crowdfunding products and cards, overnight rushed to as much as ten times the amount. While we were having lunch, Li Ning, the brand marketing director, kept ringing the phone– OK, let him come, and then find a way to find the ticket.

The premise of becoming beautiful is to stay healthy. Bao Perry cell beauty therapy new technology to create natural beautiful skin, with the six core advantages of naturalness, simplicity, persistence, effectiveness, reversal and safety, is favored by women. Baopuri not only solves the beauty rigid needs of all people who love beauty, such as anti-aging, facial features carving and shaping, but also has an immediate effect, with no surgery, no surgery, no recovery and no side effects. it can not only replace the temporary and embolic risk of hyaluronic acid, but also replace the stiffness and unnatural nature of Botox, but also replace the unknown and uncertainty of fat transplantation, using the way of life cosmetology, comparable to the effect of medical beauty, based on health. Set off a new wave of “lunchtime instant beauty”.

honey water after breakfast, lunch and dinner every

In this way, we drink a cup of white vinegar honey water after breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, which can help many women lose weight, because white vinegar can improve human metabolism, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, and relieve constipation. Take it three times a day for a week to treat constipation, the effect is very good.

In order to let the elderly eat hot food in time, at 10:30 every morning, the delivery clerk will come to the buffet to pick up the meal and put the food into the professional incubator equipped with the dining car. At present, six delivery clerks deliver 42 lunches a day.

honey water after breakfast, lunch and dinner every

At about 10:30 in the morning, the food delivery man knocked on the door of Chen Huie, a 96-year-old man from Nanhuan New Village, and delivered four dishes and a meal in an insulation jar to the old man. After getting the lunch, Chen Huie opened it one by one, and the food inside was steaming hot. Chen Huie said that the service of the community made her feel at ease. “I am an old man living alone. Usually my children are too busy to take care of them. With the caring buffet service of the community, the problem of lunch five days a week can be easily solved for less than 100 yuan a month. Especially during the epidemic, it is inconvenient to buy food, the community provides door-to-door food delivery, dishes are not repeated every day, ensuring our quality of life. ”