the same time, do not use public towel s or bath towels;

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the same time, do not use public towel s or bath towels;

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?? Do not give the baby a bath within 24 hours after vaccination, the vaccination site will leave fine needle holes, if you come into contact with dirty water may cause redness and swelling of the vaccination site, or even infection, aggravating the vaccination reaction. You can use a warm and wet cotton towel to wipe other parts other than the inoculation site, and the cleaning effect is also good.

Not only finger disinfection like alcohol, general grocery sterilization and deodorization, mouthwash, laundry water disinfection, bath water disinfection can also be used. In the kitchens of restaurants and restaurants, ingredients, tableware and cooking utensils can also be disinfected. Towels, gauze, medical devices, nursing appliances and other disinfection. According to the diversity of uses, not only general enterprises, government agencies, fire departments, nursing homes, day services, animal hospitals, pet shops, dental clinics, hot springs, swimming pools, hotels, hotels, nursing homes, kindergartens, toy shops, karaoke shops and so on.

We must do a good job of personal hygiene, pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin, wash and change frequently, and pay attention to the rinse and cleanliness of these items, because the residual detergent on clothes and towels may also stimulate the skin. Exercise, because exercise can improve blood circulation, strengthen skin resistance.

When women are swimming, the vagina is in a moist form, destroying the original micro-acid condition, making bacteria easy to invade, causing infection, itching, burning, increased excretion, peculiar smell in the perineum, etc., which can easily cause vaginitis and vulvar eczema. Therefore, you should urinate in time after swimming and rinse it with a shower. At the same time, do not use public towels or bath towels; choose showers instead of bathtubs; toilets can indirectly spread venereal diseases, so you should do the necessary protection.

The dormitory militarized management, the dental equipment is neatly placed, the toothbrush faces one direction, the teacup handle faces one direction, the towel is neat and uniform, the quilt tofu block, the bed sheet cover is issued by the school, very unified. The dormitory is well arranged, giving people a feeling of freshness and Langley, and each dormitory has its own style. the various patterns handmade by students express the spirit of the dormitory group, decorated or fashionable or classical or simple. Some dormitories have made a three-dimensional picture of the dormitory sanitary schedule, and some dormitories have posted the dreams of each member, and so on.

the same time, do not use public towel s or bath towels;

The way of taking a bath should also pay attention to, do not violently scrub, scratch the skin, these are easy to make the sick site aggravate the disease, to be gentle, bath towels should also choose soft, not too rough. As the skin of patients with psoriasis is easy to dry, you can choose special moisturizing products for patients with psoriasis after taking a bath to prevent the skin from being too dry.