check their clothes and shoes, prepare dry towel s for them to

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Third, strengthening sanitary disinfection is a part of the daily work of the kindergarten, so we adhere to the system of sanitary disinfection and isolation, strictly disinfect towels, toys, books, air, etc., and insist on disinfecting towels for children every day. in order to reduce the occurrence of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, open doors and windows early every morning to ensure fresh and clean air, and carry out air disinfection regularly. The plastic toys are soaked in 84 disinfectant and exposed to the sun once a week, the environmental hygiene is swept once a week, and all kinds of disinfection work is done strictly according to the system, so that the toy building blocks and all kinds of articles are disinfected regularly, and the responsibility lies with the person. as a result, the quality of sanitation and disinfection in our garden has been greatly improved, and the occurrence of infectious diseases has been prevented and controlled.

Henan PVC conveyor belt, the conveyor belt collapses during the return journey, the rotating shaft then drives the conveyor belt to rotate accordingly, the conveyor belt is coordinated with the transmission device to form a transmission system, and the towel is drawn to the front of the conveyor table, and only if the proper safety protection is done to form an atomic module for convenient assembly, the conveying motor drives the rotating shaft through the transmission wheel to turn the bag before strictly thinning flowers and fruits. The driving wheel of the conveyor belt is fixedly sleeved on the rotating shaft, and the conveyor belt collapses in the return journey, which avoids the lifting system

‚óŹ does a good job in the layout of venues and the preparation of sports equipment for young children to carry out sports activities, check their clothes and shoes, prepare dry towels for them to wipe sweat, and take care of weak children individually.

The project was built by Hubei Jielia Textile Group with an investment of 1 billion yuan, integrating Jiayu Jielia and Xianning Jielia Co., Ltd., and was completed and put into production in December 2021. It mainly produces a series of products such as towels, bath towels and square towels, which not only realizes the completion of the whole process of textile, printing and dyeing, warping and other products, but also realizes the complete closure of the production process, self-construction of sewage treatment facilities and recycling in the production water field. it can provide nearly 2000 jobs.

When I finished washing the child, wrapped up a towel and picked him up to go to the bedroom, I hugged him for a moment when my waist was particularly sore and my anger almost reached its climax. I play this scene in my heart: put down the child, wait for the child to fall asleep, and say to him, I am really blind to marry you. I very much regret marrying you. When the child is older, I will divorce you! Even, I was interpreting the scene where I explained to my children why mom and dad separated.

On the basis of complying with the requirements of the notice on issuing and issuing guidance on promoting the resumption of work in Sports venues in Nanchang during the epidemic Prevention and Control period, the opening of swimming venues should follow the following epidemic prevention and control requirements: swimming pools should be installed with circulating water purification and disinfection equipment, and can meet the requirements of water quality treatment. Swimming place water quality circulation purification and disinfection equipment should be kept in good condition, establish regular inspection and maintenance system, do regular inspection, maintenance and repair, and make good records; control the number of personnel in a single venue, and carry out preventive disinfection once in the morning and evening; changing rooms, bathrooms and other public areas should be disinfected regularly and ventilated, and common slippers, towels, swimming rings and other items should not be used to avoid cross-infection.

In the treatment of mycoplasma chlamydia infection, patients should pay attention not to have sex, in order to avoid cross-infection, usually their own towels and bath towels should be used alone, disinfection, the usual diet is strictly forbidden spicy stimulation.

Under the guidance of the teacher, the small and middle class babies have made great progress in self-care. In the course of the competition, the children can wear shoes, hang towels, wipe tables, fold clothes and pack toys in a quick and orderly manner. Looking at their earnest and hard-working appearance, they are good babies who are self-reliant and self-reliant. The babies in the big class are more flexible in their small hands, and their competition events are folding quilts, dressing, and tidying up schoolbags. After more than two years of kindergarten life, the babies in the big class have a strong sense of self-service, and it is easy to pick up peanuts, cut cucumbers and sweep the floor.