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In order to put the “reciting the Classic of Literature and Culture” into practice, CYTS joined the Bureau and was invited to preside over the overall construction and promotion project of the two key cultural and tourism projects of Keyouzhong Banner-Wujiaofeng Scenic spot and Hangali Lake Resort. From the top-level design, creative planning, architectural landscape, product building, resource integration and other aspects of overall planning, until the whole process of supervision of construction landing, support for the opening operation. Led by the planning of the market forefront and international vision, the UNOCI team has laid out five theme camps in the two major projects, such as “Maple Forest Camp”, “Le Le car Camp”, “Starworm Camp”, “Singularity Camp” and “RV Camp”. And creatively built innovative formats such as “listening to the Wind Theater”, “Divine Tree Square”, “Maple Forest picnic”, “Butterfly Restaurant”, “Beach Night Market”, “Little Montmar Paradise” and other innovative formats. Help Keyouzhong Banner to create high-quality tourism products with both Inner Mongolia cultural characteristics and international standards.

1. Beach Vibes: Channeling your inner beach bum? The bucket hat is perfect for a laid-back seaside day. Pair it with a relaxed t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Opt for vibrant patterns or playful colors to add a fun twist to your beach ensemble. Pull the string tight under your chin to keep the hat in place even during windy beach walks.

Climbing the reef from the mountain wall to the gentle slope, the hotel has a reef platform with a stylish layout, exotic carpets, picnic baskets and baskets, emerald-green sea in the distance, waves on the beach or reef, warm sea breeze paving, and tourists learning pulp boards from coaches in the sea, everyone has their own fun.

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